Trail report - Rosalie Trail Ride near Conifer   Aug 12, 2023

3 RMBCH riders and led by Joel and others from PERC (Parker Elizabeth Riding Club) to scout a trail in the Mt Evans Wilderness area. Trailhead: Dear Creek here is a link to the Trailhead There is a camping area nearby as well (deer creek campground) Wilderness trails are only for foot and equine traffic, so there are no mt bikes motors allowed. The trailhead is a little tricky to access via a rough road which can be difficult for non high-clearance vehicles but we just went slow and it was fine. Note the road is single lane. Decent amount of parking for big rigs but hikers can also access. We were there on a Friday and arrived by 10am. There were only a few cars and plenty of space to park our big rigs and negotiate the parking lot. The trail is an out and back through aspens, pine forests and along a river. The trail is well maintained and has a fair amount of rocks so shoes are recommended. The trail is not too steep or difficult and is fairly flat. Nice meadows along the way for horses to grace and stop for lunch. Is a high elevation trail which is a slow climb over a pass and above tree line where you can see Bierstadt. Thank you to Nettie for clearing the horse stopper in the trail. It's always so handy to have a saw in any CO wilderness area! (fyi if you're an RMBCH member, Silky Saws gives 20% to any saw purchase) Nice trail overall which was well maintained and clear for riding. We didn't get all the way up to the top but had some pretty views and was not a difficult ride. Besides the road being a little slow to get to, it seems not too crowded and a nice place to ride. Have fun and fill us in if you are able to take a ride on Rosalie!