Educational Web Series 

FREE to everyone, all webinars will start at 6:30pm MST.  

LIVE presentation links here (details on each below)

This online equine education series aims to promote responsible horsemanship and ensure the well-being of riders and equines. From equine first aid to voice commands, we're covering topics that will enhance your horsemanship this season. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge!

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Meet your CO Equine Emergencies and Staying Calm Instructor   (May 1 - 6:30pm MST - Youtube recording of presentation here)

Brittany Steffensen.  With a childhood spent trail riding, jumping, and cherishing the majestic Percheron Draft horses of Minnesota, Brittany's love for equines runs deep.

Gain an understanding of what equine first aid is, how it can help the horse person and the horses in their care. In addition, we will discuss why horses are prone to injury, the information your vet will need to know when you call for an emergency, reasons to call your vet ASAP, types of wounds, types of bleeds, and the different layers of bandaging and how to apply them.

After dedicating years to human-centric work, Brittany reignited her passion for horses as the volunteer coordinator at Colorado Horse Rescue. Managing over 100 volunteers, she played a pivotal role in facilitating adoptions for deserving horses.

Meet Kent Weber, the Director and Co-Founder of 𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧: 𝐖𝐨𝐥𝐟 YouTube Recording Link)

With three decades of experiential education and a passion for wolf conservation, Kent is our presenter for the upcoming webinar on wolves in Colorado on May 8th @6:30PM.

Join us for a FREE and informational talk led by Kent, who wears many hats at the sanctuary, from teaching construction techniques to studying horse behavior.

Meet Jacqueline Cantwell, your Voice Commands Education Instructor (Part 1 YouTube Recording / Part 2 YouTube Recording link)

Learning the usefulness of training equines voice commands and explaining a handful of ways of how to do so.
- enhance communication with your horse through voice commands.
- consistency and positive reinforcement in teaching equines voice commands.
- explore practical methods to train your horse to respond to voice cues confidently and reliably.
- build a stronger bond with your horse using patience and persistence.

She has immersed herself in the world of equines since her youth in South Carolina, accumulating extensive knowledge and experience along the way. Now based in Colorado at Red Canyon Stables, Jacq continues to share her passion for horses as a riding instructor and horse trainer. Join us for an engaging and FREE webinar on May 14th @6:30PM where she will delve into the how and why of equine voice commands.