Scholarships Available

Larry Siemiet’ RMBCH Scholarship Fund  

 To Apply for a Scholarship, just follow the below info and send us an email!

Purpose: This is an annual fund set aside by this chapter to provide opportunity to its membership.  The funds are established to provide seed funds for educational opportunities or to support horseman interested in supporting the RMBCH mission but might have hardships that preclude their joining. 

Amount Available: Up to $100 or the amount of a single or family membership depending on application purpose.

Application: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis by the RMBCH board.  It is recommended that applications be submitted 2-3 months prior to expected need. 

Applicants seeking funds to offset an educational opportunity that’s relevant to the RMBCH mission should provide information about the workshop/training, how it meets RMBCH goals and mission, how the member plans to apply that information for the clubs benefit(i.e. doing presentation or article, implementing a project, etc).  Please email  with your application.

Applicants seeking support for membership costs should provide information on why the RMBCH should provide the membership, and how they plan to contribute to the clubs mission.

Process:  The RMBCH Board or a subset of the Board will review the applicants, seek overall Board concurrence for the selection and then a check or membership will be offered to the approved applicant. 

Followup: The applicant will be responsible for reporting to the Board the outcome of their participation and resulting contribution to the club within the year.