Macey Lakes Trail Ride and Trail Report on July 29 '23

UPDATE Aug '23 - The Forest Service has cleared the tree attached to the root ball.  The rootball is still there but it is stable and there is now space to get around it.  Thank you Forest Service team!

Trail Report - We've opened Macey Lake Trail up to the first lake for equines and hikers! Located just outside of Westcliffe off the Rainbow trail. 

There is one obstacle which we can't remove and will leave to the USFS… Pictures are attached. There is a single track space between the root ball and the rock slab. Our group and a few others went through it (along with many hikers). It isn't comfortable for horses if any size, and not easy for them to navigate. It is up to you and your level of comfort with your equine.

There is still more trail work to to do to remove some trees that are on the ground and which you can step over. There is also more work to clear the finger aspens within the 8-foot corridor and some brush etc.

The trail starts at Horn Creek trailhead near Westcliffe. It goes up to a beautiful high mountain lake, starting on the rainbow trail which has ATVs, bikers, dogs, hikers, etc. It changes to a wilderness trail up to the Copperstain Cliffs, wildflower meadows with grand views and a beautiful high mountain fishing lake.

Here is the COTREX link to the trail