Trail Report - Hidden Mesa Open Space (near Franktown Co). August 6, 2023

A lovely ride and open space show to us by RMBCH member Tracy. The parking is huge (turn left when you enter, near the round-pen) and has great space for many large rigs. There is a large corral and even a handicap access ramp for getting on your horse. There is also a covered pavilion with picnic tables.

The ride begins in a large flat area filled with native grasses and wildflowers and slowly heads up to the large mesa. The trail continues around the edge of the mesa and then back down to the parking area. Total time 2.5 - 3 hours (more available on other trails as well). Some rock slab up on top of the mesa and a few rocks on the descent but otherwise a largely grassy, gravel and sand road.

There is a bridge to cross at the beginning which they are currently working to create a better water crossing. This is a multi-use area with hikers, joggers, and mountain bikes in addition to equines. Everyone was very courteous to the horses.

This is a beautiful free open space area just outside of Castle Rock and north of Colorado Springs. Highly recommended for a beautiful laid back ride. 

Trailhead here - https://goo.gl/maps/cdJfBQkgPAPygPZK8 A great laid back place to ride between Springs and Denver. (without having to take I-25!) Take 83 north out of the Springs. Just a mile or 2 past Franktown and it will be on your left (West). Has a metal sign which says 'Hidden Mesa Open Space'.