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As a member of Rocky Mountain Back Country Horsemen (RMBCH), I'm reaching out to share insights on potential trail improvements at Lake Pueblo State Park, specifically the equestrian-friendly South Shore Trails. Given the multi-use nature of the trails, here are recommendations to enhance the overall trail experience:

Addressing Gopher Holes: The prevalent issue of gopher holes on the south shore trails poses a safety hazard for equestrians. Implementing measures to fill these holes is crucial for rider safety and could significantly improve the overall trail conditions.

Trail Safety and Accessibility: To attract more horseback riders, especially during cooler months when water access is not guaranteed, consider making the trails safer by enhancing trail signage.

Environmental Sustainability: Explore environmentally friendly methods for addressing trail issues, such as gopher-friendly deterrents or natural habitat modifications. Collaborate with park management, wildlife experts, and local authorities to create a permanent and sustainable solution.

Educational Initiatives: Launch educational initiatives to inform all trail users about shared trail etiquette. This could involve increasing "trail yield" signage and educating users about equestrian and cyclist concerns, drawing inspiration from successful models in other large trail systems across the country.

Increased Equestrian Access: Equestrians should be allowed at least seasonal use of the North Shore trails, providing riders with more diverse trail options and encouraging exploration of different areas within the park.

Thank you for considering the input of equestrians, I look forward to the improvement of trails at Lake Pueblo State Park.